More and more often looking for a place to vacation, we choose foreign tourist resorts. This is due to several facts. First of all, we are becoming a more affluent nation, so we can afford a further vacation, secondly, we have more opportunities to get to foreign resorts, because our airports have established low-cost airlines that will take us to many places in the world, and for tickets do not have to pay too much money. Therefore, we take advantage of the opportunity and go to the farthest corners of the world, where we spend our free time.

However, in order for our foreign holiday to be perfect for us, we must prepare ourselves in the right way. One of the activities that we must do before the holiday is to secure ourselves financially. After all, we have to buy souvenirs for ourselves and our loved ones, we will definitely go to a restaurant for dinner, etc. And to pay for it all, we have to have the local currency at our disposal. We can only pay in ZĹ‚otyska in Poland and there is a small chance that someone in Poland will accept foreign currency. We can of course pay for debit or credit card transactions, which is in our portfolio, but we will pay fees for such transactions, and the exchange rate will not be favorable for us. We can also set up a currency account in the bank and top it up with the currency of the country we are going to, or we can take cash on our holiday. In both cases, we will have to exchange our zloty for foreign currency. It’s best to do it at online exchange offices, because we have the best odds in them. One of such exchange offices is is a relatively new online currency exchange. Its owner is Raiffeisen Polbank, thanks to which he has several options that are not available at other exchange offices. First of all, when exchanging zloty for a different currency, we do not need to set up a foreign currency account, which is required by other online currency exchange offices. For we can pick up the currency in Raiffeisen Polbank. And we can pick up the euro at the ATMs of this bank. This is a great convenience, especially for those who do not exchange currency too often.

At, we will exchange all of the most popular currencies, which mainly include the euro, dollars, pounds or Swiss francs. It is also worth knowing that exchange rates that we meet in this currency exchange are also very beneficial. And if we actively exchange currency, we can take advantage of many promotions. One of them is collecting points. When we register to the exchange office, we will get 500. We also get points after each exchange. Thanks to them, we can exchange currencies without a spread, i.e. without costs.

As with most money changers, currency exchange at is extremely simple. All you need to do is sign up for the service (it takes a few minutes) and we can exchange your currency now. The site is very intuitive and we can easily navigate through it. This is all the more advantageous as the exchange does not charge for exchange or account maintenance. Therefore, regardless of whether we exchange the currency often, or from time to time, register in to save a lot of money on exchanging.

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