Loans Without Credit Cards – Payday Loans

When it comes to life, Croatians are real magicians. The years of crisis in our beautiful country are only piling up even after Europe is already out of recession. In the meantime, citizens have learned to stretch their home budget to the maximum. Credit cards help them a lot.

There are at least two average Croats in their wallet. Their biggest advantage lies in being quickly available, while the disadvantage is that they have no control over costs. Often people are not even aware of how often they swipe cards. As money does not go directly from the wallet, they often think that they have spent much less than they did.

One of the most popular credit home products

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Specially designed loans without credit cards have appeared on the market. They were paid by credit houses that recognized the needs of citizens. Many of them are blacklisted by banks, meaning they are unable to apply for loans.

A large number do not meet the rigorous conditions of banks and a thorough credit check that includes an analysis of income, expenses, the type of employment contract and even the employer himself. Credit houses are more open about this, opening up the space for nearly a third of part-time citizens.

Credit card-free loans are also available to retirees

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Loans without credit cards are available to workers and retirees. Credit cards are typical for younger and middle-aged people, meaning retirees are unfairly excluded. The most important thing is that clients who apply for loans without credit cards have regular incomes and regularly settle their debts. Financial orderliness is the basis on which credit houses rely. A copy of the ID card, current account card and the last payroll or pension list shall be enclosed as evidence.

Banks offer their customers quick credit card loans. It is a good option in emergencies, but interest rates are extremely high. The so-called current account overdraft is something Croats often encounter, but find it hard to get out of. Cards are ironed at all times, but what if cards are not an option ?!

Loans without certification by employers, guarantors

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Loans without credit cards are most commonly available with minimal documentation. Just applying is maximally simplified and can be done online. No additional employer certification is required, which is often the case with banks, as well as taking guarantors or co-debtors.

It is a great relief for all those who do not want to give their employer to apply for loans without credit cards, as well as for those who do not want to give a BON 1 or BON 2 to the employer because it opens their business.