Non-bank loan without BIK

There are situations in our lives when we are just uphill. Sometimes fate does not have good news for us for several months or years, sometimes we are alone in a gate situation due to our mistakes, from which it is difficult for us to get out or take any step.

Non-bank loan

Non-bank loan

These situations are comparable to a swamp from which, when we try to get out, we struggle deeper as we struggle. In the case of swamp, slow but firm movements, not nervous and not hasty, are best, often in a life-like situation, these tips also prove to be the best and able to save us from drowning.

Humans are fallible, like any species in the world, we make mistakes, bigger or smaller

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And sometimes also those that are hard to dig out of ourselves. Certainly, such errors include the so-called financial avalanches, or unpaid debts, increasing interest, taking more loans to pay off previous ones and thus spiraling without spirits. Unfortunately, but usually this type of action has the opposite effect than we would wish, generating ever greater debts. They usually go hand in hand with an adverse entry in BIK, closing the way to taking new loans. By design, this is to block the path to falling deeper into the financial spiral, but it has the opposite effect.

Often, people who even slowly manage to overcome financial problems are blocked by BIK for many years, which closes their way to many opportunities in the future. The task of the Credit Information Bureau is to collect and share data on repaid and currently repaid credit obligations. BIK data is used by financial sector institutions to manage credit risk, reduce the risk of extortion and monitor debt.

To be on the BIK list you also don’t have to be a “compulsive debtor”, all you need is a leg, a debt from us will follow, and the Credit Information Bureau will not let us forget about it for many years. Often, this also cuts off the path to subsequent possible loans and credits through such situations. What if we are even on our way to getting out of debt and an accident suddenly happens to us? It can be a broken tooth, a car breakdown in the middle of the road, the need to visit a doctor by sudden deterioration of health or flooding of the apartment. Accidents occur around people and very often like to appear in pairs. What if a negative entry in the BIK cuts us off the path to take a loan even for the necessary pareset of zlotys? Then, companies offering cash loans without BIK come to the rescue. Often, such companies do not check KRD and grant loans on the basis of evidence or against any property, real estate or even works of art. Non-bank loans without BIK are usually granted on a simple basis, contain a minimum of formalities and often, the companies offering them guarantee additional services in the form of credit counseling and financial analysis, which helps comprehensively analyze the borrower’s situation and choose the most favorable option and solution.

When choosing a non-bank loan without BIK

credit loan

It is worth remembering that it is still a loan and we are still covered by the same liabilities as in the case of bank loans. These obligations certainly and definitely include a return of money borrowed on the date agreed with the company and on certain conditions. Often, people who decide on non-bank loans without BIK are, as I mentioned earlier, so-called “Compulsive debtors”, taking advantage of the possibility of taking another loan without unnecessary formalities. However, it should be remembered that such action is dangerous and only deepens the avalanche of debts.

Each of us sometimes encounters a situation where we simply lack the money. Unless these are notorious situations and in which we can say “thank you” to ourselves, we don’t have to worry too much and blame ourselves if they happen. Everyone happens and everyone has certainly at least once experienced the situations that are said to be pairs – i.e. misfortune, bad luck, bad luck.

You put aside cash for a year, spent it on your dream car, and shortly afterwards you unfortunately stumbled on the threshold, hit the door frame or your beloved child impressed you with a chin on your chin and you have a tooth broke, the pain is amazing, you look in your wallet to count the cash you have and, at the same time, find a business card for your dentist. Then you suddenly remember that all the savings you drowned in the bauble that stands in front of the house, you managed to spend current cash for bills and purchases this month, and the next payment only in one and a half weeks. The pain is getting stronger and thoughts appear in my head – how do I, damn you, go to work the day after tomorrow? …