mBank is a bank that actively fights for clients, often offering them various types of promotions. Thanks to the new offer, we can get a refund to the account in the amount of PLN 300 , if all conditions of the promotion are met.

What to do to get 300 PLN

What to do to get 300 PLN

PLN 300 from mBank can be obtained by anyone who creates a personal account in this bank and will actively use it. By actively using the account, you should understand:

  1. logging in at least once a month to your account via the mBank mobile application
  2. make at least one receipt on account in the amount of PLN 1,000
  3. perform a card / BLIK transaction for a minimum of PLN 250 per month

After fulfilling these conditions, we can get a refund for payments made with the card in the amount of up to 2% per month and for payments made to BLIK up to 2% per month. The maximum amount that can be collected from mBank in a month is PLN 50. The money can be obtained for 6 months, so we can get PLN 300 in total.

Another bonus we can receive is the promotional interest rate on the money accumulated on the account. It is 3% for funds up to PLN 3,000.

Advantages of the account at mBank

Advantages of the account at mBank

  • PLN 0 for opening an account
  • PLN 0 for account maintenance
  • PLN 0 per card, subject to a minimum of 5 transactions per month
  • PLN 0 for withdrawing by cash card from Planet Cash, Euronet and BZ WBK ATMs (over PLN 100)
  • PLN 0 for internet transfers in PLN
  • PLN 0 for BLIK payment, both for non-cash payments and for withdrawing money from ATMs
  • PLN 0 for cash withdrawals at stores, while paying for purchases.

An account at mBank is recognized as one of the best in our country, which can be testified, among others, by the first place in the category of the Friendly Ranking Bank announced by Newsweek.


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