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The Salary PIS / PASEP means extra money in the pocket of the Brazilian citizen and worker. In Brazil, there are 20.7 million workers who are entitled to receive the annual allowance , the amount is a minimum wage, currently R $ 678. Already help is not it?

Ministry of Labor and Employment


Ministry of Labor and Employment


According to the Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE), approximately 1.9 million workers have not yet received the PIS / PASEP Salary Bonus for the 2012/2013 financial year.

Following the policy of payment of the salary benefit, all those who are entitled to the PIS draw , began to receive notices through correspondence via mail informing them to look for an agency of Caixa Econômica Federal, in the case of PIS, or an agency of the Bank of Brazil, in the case of PASEP, to make the rightful drawing.

According to MTE, the allowance has already been withdrawn by about 18.8 million workers, approximately 90.8% of workers who can take the benefit. The total amount of funds released for the payment of the PIS / PASEP Grant this year has reached the mark of R $ 11.5 billion, the money comes from the FAT (Fund for Workers’ Assistance).


Who is entitled Salary PIS / PASEP ? The PIS / PASEP Salary Bonus benefits all workers and professionals who have worked for at least 30 days in the previous year, in order to be entitled to the benefit, the citizen can not receive more than two minimum wages in the annual average.

Another detail that can not be forgotten is enrollment in the PIS (Social Integration Program) or PASEP (Public Server Patrimony Training Program), it is necessary to be registered for at least five years, that is, since 2007 at least and have had their employment relationship correctly informed by the employer at the Annual Social Information Report (RAIS / 2011).

Workers who have a Citizen Card with a registered password and are enrolled in the PIS do not even need to go to the bank branches, the money is available for withdrawal at any Lottery of CAIXA in the Country, at the CAIXA self-service machines and at the Caixa posts.

To obtain PIS / PASEP Wage Payment, the worker must present an original identification document and the PIS or PASEP enrollment number in the agencies or use the Citizen Card to make the withdrawal more easily and without queues.

Be sure to check out your PIS or PASEP, it’s your right and it’s already available!